It can’t be True. Goodbye Hilton. Hello Metric Interactive

Metric Interactive

Well I left the mother ship. I am venturing out into new territory. I accepted a new position at Metric Interactive, a sibling company of I will be working along side some great minds at and Ad Shuffle (another sibling). Before I get into to much detail in regards to the new gig, let me say my farewells to Hilton.

I have had some great times at Hilton. I met so many great people, many of whom I now consider great friends. These people are what make Hilton a great company to work for. I gained some great knowledge about the corporate environment, and I fell I have have grown up a great deal while I was there. I took on several new rolls and responsibilities while I was at Hilton. Each task I encountered help grow my knowledge base of programs, design, and web accessibility and standards. I also brushed up on my flash, video, photoshop, css, and php skills while I was at Hilton. So this is a big thank you to all of the people who had an influence in my time there. You will all be greatly missed.

I have almost completed my first week with Metric Interactive. I am the new Webmaster for the creative team. Basically I will assist in the coding of new site functionality and CSS, flash action scripting, and possibly some design work here and there. The thing I love most about this company is the future opportunities. They shoot video and photography in house, which you know is my cup of tea. You never know when I may be asked to help edit or shoot something here at Metric. Also building flash ads and getting back into flash as a whole is very exciting as well. I look froward to a long working relationship with Metric Interactive.

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  1. Roderick says:

    Hi Jason I wanted to talk to you about metric interactive send me an email sometime thanks