iPhone, the Future of Gaming?


If your an Apple fanboy/girl, you are aware that tomorrow Apple is holding a press conference. They are supposedly going to reveal (not release) the long awaited iPhone SDK (software development kit for you n00bs). Most iPhone users have been waiting for this since the iPhone was first released. This will allow third party developers to create applications specifically made for the iPhone. There is already a method for getting an application on the iPhone, but it requires the user to jailbreak the iPhone. However with a jailbroken iPhone, you already have access to some great apps that are extremely useful in your day to day life. Now with the SDK in hand developers can make these apps and many more available to all users of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The announcement also brings speculation regarding gaming finally coming to the iPhone. Thus far gaming has only been allowed by Apple on the iPod classic and older models of the iPod. Needless to say the users are ready for Games on their iPhone. I have played several games on my once jailbroken iPhone. Many of these jailbroken games were sub par on graphics, but were extremely addicting and functional. Now that the SDK will be released it also allows the big studios to jump into the game. This could fix the problems with some of the sub par games as well has create a higher standard for independent developers to strive for. EA and id Games have been strong supporters of the Mac. You know they are anxious to get their games on the iPhone and iPod Touch. There have also been rumors around and announcement from EA. This is all speculation at the moment.

What possibilities lie in the iPhone? It has a gorgeous multi touch sensitive screen. The iPhone has several sensors in it, one to recognize when you have the phone next to your face, and the other is an accelerometer. The accelerometer can sense motion, and which way the device is begin held. The iPhone has a camera, speakers and a microphone. You add all of these together are you have the ability to have a highly interactive game in a small hand held device. Look at what the Nintendo DS is doing with their touch sensitive hand held.

I recently read a post highlighting an independent games developer that has made an iPhone game that uses some of the iPhone’s features. The game is called Trism. It’s a Bejeweled-like gem matching puzzle game. Pretty straight forward right? Take a closer look. This game uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to tell the gems which direction to fall.

This game is working on a Jailbroken iPhone. He mentions he wants to put it on the iPhone through the SDK.The game is still a work in progress, but shows you some of the capabilities for the iPhone in terms of gaming. Check out the video below, you will be amazed.

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